Professional Poker Stars

New Game Show Places Normal People Alongside Professional Poker Stars

Texas Holdem’ used to be a game available only in Sin City Hotels or from electronic poker machines, but now it is more in style than ever in Vegas thanks to the internet and TV.

The famous Venetian Casino, is now betting on this popularity with its new audience-participation show called “The Real Deal!” in its showroom located on the website of and beginning in October.

This new idea will join comedy and game show elements to entertain its live audience. The audience will also be able to join in the popular game of Texas Holdem’ alongside the best poker players in the world. The show has many prizes for the audience including a chance to win 1$ million.

In “The Real Deal!” the audience will play with players like Doyle Brunson , Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu. Around 10 professional players have already signed up for the game show about poker. The audience will be able to play along with the 90 minute game thanks to handheld, wireless, touch screen devices located on each seat.

“People who come to Vegas casinos want to play poker games,” Negreanu says, “but obviously they can’t play in a top poker tournament with the people like Doyle or Phil Hellmuth. But, in this show, they actually can.” At the beginning of each show, six audience members will be chosen to sit at the poker table on stage with two professional players. Each audience member is then involved in the action by being dealt a unique set of poker cards on their devices. Everyone in the showroom is then involved in the action with big-screen monitors located on stage.

The show’s producers say that you don’t have to be a poker player to join in the poker game. There are other ways to increase your point total, that doesn’t involve playing poker necessarily. Betting on the suit of the next poker card or trying to guess which state a particular audience member is from, are just some of the ways to come out a winner in this game.

Creators of the show are also placing bets on the personalities of the professional poker players to create some exciting moments. Someone like Scotty Nguyen, the flamboyant five-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, definitely can keep an audience entertained and will provide some great entertainment in this new idea for poker .



Online casinos and credit card transactions

Finding an online casino that will accept credit card deposits has become a real pain in the neck. The way of depositing funds at online casinos with credit cards has become the biggest problem for gambling operators and players alike. Credit card transactions to and from online casinos have been declined thanks to the strict limits the credit card companies have imposed on such transactions, viewed as “high risk”. Visa was the first credit card company to block the credit card processor code “7995″, followed by the rest of the credit cards – Master Card, Amex and Discover (where available). This was done not so much because of fraudulent charges, but because of the players themselves. It was really easy for the players to claim “fraudulent” credit card transaction after losing money at the online casinos.

Today, the biggest problem for the online casinos in respect to credit card deposits is the last year law known as “UIGEA” or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This law attempted to downsize online gambling in the U.S territory by making it illegal for the banks to accept transactions to and from any online casinos or gambling websites (except, of course, horse racing and lotteries). This new twist made it extremely hard for any online casino to accept credit card payments, not only in the U.S., but abroad as well. Today there are few online casinos which offer the direct credit card deposit option, but the success is far from guaranteed. It’s estimated that over 70% of the direct credit card deposits to online casinos fail to go through, which leaves most of the casinos with a few e-wallet services and sometimes an ACH transaction option.